Martin Showroom in St. Helena is one of Dacys favorite places to visit

Why Dacy Rocks

Fashion Stylist, Personal Stylist, Fashion Therapist, Interior Stylist/Design, Prop- Stylist


Poppy Fashion is in the business of self discovery and powerful confidence. We believe that a new pair of shoes just might change your day, and quite possibly the way you see the world–and your unique place in it! We offer an array of services from wardrobe consultation and personal shopping to editorial styling work and fashion shows.
Working with people in all stages of life and all professions has given us a chance to explore different facets of their personal stories, helping each individual client to embrace the things they love about themselves. We will make you feel comfortable and right at home, whether it’s on location, in your bedroom or the dressing room.
We love what we do, and we know you will love it too.

Dacy grew up in a small Northern California town. Beginning at the fun age of 5, she was a fashion consultant for many of her childhood friends- always insisting that each one of them looked their best. Playing in the dirt and mud with her brothers while wearing dresses- she refused to wear pants until the age of 10. Her mother is still upset about this. Always interested in ALL things stylish she perused her passion- Interior Design. During college the Fashion Design Teacher tried to convince Dacy to switch her major. Now that she has realized that her true passion can be a reality she is working diligently on assisting people to feel and look their best one person at a time.